University of Wisconsin–Madison


PEOPLE is a college prep scholarship program for students of color and low-income students, most of whom are the first in their families to potentially attend college. Their journey prepares them to apply, be successfully admitted and enroll at the University of Wisconsin System institutions with an emphasis on University of Wisconsin-Madison. PEOPLE provides college prep services by providing programming and opportunity for growth in four areas;

Build and Master Academic Knowledge

Build Cognitive Skills and Strategies

Build Self-Management Skills

Build Knowledge about College through Experiential Learning

Upon enrollment in the precollege program each student is assigned a Precollege Advisor (PCA). PCA’s provide advising services, helps the student build self-management skills, and supports all areas of the college application process.  Students who are accepted into the University of Wisconsin-Madison may be eligble for a four-year tuition scholarship and support services from our College Scholars Program.


PEOPLE is designed for students with strong academic potential who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents and also are African American, American Indian, Asian American (with an emphasis on Southeast Asian American), Chicano/a, Puerto Rican, Latino/a, or low-income students.


Milwaukee Public School District

Alexander Hamilton High School
Audubon Technical high School
Bay View High School
Bradley Tech High School
Golda Meir High School
Harold S. Vincent High School
John Madison Academic Campus
John Marshall High School
MacDowell Montessori
Milwaukee High School of the Arts
Milwaukee School of Languages
Casimir Pulaski High School
Riverside University High School
Ronald Reagan College Preparatory High School
Rufus King International Baccalaureate High School
South Division High School
Washington High School of Information Technology


Madison Metropolitan School District

East High School
LaFollette High School
Memorial HIgh School
West High School

Minimum Eligibility Requirements

The Precollege Enrichment Opportunity Program for Learning Excellence (PEOPLE) is a pipeline scholarship program that supports enrolled students from 8th grade to degree completion. The precollege program provides college prep services to prepare students for enrollment in University of Wisconsin System institutions. If admitted to University of Wisconsin-Madison as a PEOPLE Scholar, students may be eligible for a four-year, in-state tuition scholarship. Scholarship recipients must be eligible to complete a Federal Application for Student Aid (FAFSA).

The Precollege Enrichment Opportunity Program for Learning Excellence (PEOPLE) is a precollege pipeline scholarship program. Our mission is to help students successfully make transitions in the educational pipeline. PEOPLE students may be eligible to receive a tuition scholarship to the University of Wisconsin-Madison upon admission if they are eligible to complete the Federal Application for Student Aid (FAFSA).

Minimum eligibility requirements to apply for the precollege program:

  • U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents (Green Card holders) who are also Wisconsin residents
  • Must attend an affiliated school
  • 2.75 minimum GPA in the core subjects (Math, English, Science, Social Studies, and World Language)
  • Priority given to first generation and/or economically disadvantaged participants according to federal USDA guidelines

people sitting on computers


  1. Retain pre-college students of color and those from low-income households in school.
  2. Help them graduate as motivated, focused young adults who are academically prepared to go to college.
  3. Increase enrollment and graduation rates of students from diverse backgrounds as integral to the university’s mission.


  • THE VILLAGE Everyone from university administrators and after-school tutors to parents and teachers has created a college-going culture around these students.
  • INDIVIDUAL PERSEVERANCE Once PEOPLE students emerge on campus and realize they can achieve their dreams, they are unstoppable.
  • RIPPLE EFFECT Success is infectious – students who started in the program five and six years ago are setting a positive example. Undergraduates, called PEOPLE Scholars and funded by a grant from the SBC Foundation, are now reaching back as tutors, mentors and role models to pull younger students through the pipeline.
  • GRASSROOTS Word-of-mouth among educators, counselors and students has generated positive awareness for a PEOPLE as a “pre-college program that works.”

“The program’s success would not be possible without all those who shared a vision during the early years. When greater opportunities are given to students of color and low-income youth, we all reap the advantages a diversity of voices brings to our campus and our world.” — Walter Lane, former PEOPLE Program Director