University of Wisconsin–Madison

Giving Opportunities

The program is currently accepting sponsors for the 2015-16 school year.

PEOPLE is serving only a small fraction of the number of Wisconsin’s qualified and motivated students of color and low income. Between 1999 and 2005, the program attracted over 1,000 new students; participation jumped 1498% from 66 students to 1,088! The University of Wisconsin-Madison invests approximately $5 million annually to fund the program, but outside funding is necessary for further growth.

There is a great need for summer scholarships at the middle school and high school levels as well as four-year scholarships at the undergraduate level. We need more year-round tutors and staff who make a lasting personal connection, keep students on track and advocate for individual needs within the K-12 system.

MIDDLE SCHOOL SUMMER PROGRAM: Students participate in summer sessions which (1) excite them about learning; (2) introduce them to potential college majors and career options; (3) enhance their academic skills; and (4) give them a taste of life on campus. Funding needs include: field trips, laboratory materials, equipment rental and instruction costs.

HIGH SCHOOL SUMMER PROGRAM: Three-week and six-week residential programs include (1) math and writing skills development; (2) three years of science enrichment providing hands-on inquiry, college-level research activities and a capstone knowledge presentation; (3) study skills and preparation for the ACT college entrance examination; and (4) multicultural understanding and social skills development through fine arts instruction and participation in a finale performance.

TUTORING: Middle school students have requested even more tutoring in math, science and test preparation be made available during the academic year to stay on track for entering high school biology, algebra and geometry classes.

PEOPLE SCHOLARS: Rising tuition and decreasing financial aid combine to make a UW-Madison education increasingly difficult for low-income students. Increased scholarship support will help eliminate a potential barrier to access.

INTERNSHIPS & MENTORS: We want to ensure that PEOPLE students have access to the internships they will need to explore and build successful careers. Mentors in a variety of professions, especially science/technology and business, are needed to share their personal experience, to guide and encourage students who have an interest in their field.

The following UW Foundation staff are available to discuss giving opportunities in the PEOPLE Program.

Marion Brown, UW Foundation Vice President, 608-263-5111,

Edwardo Manuel, Senior Director of Development, 608-262-5251,