University of Wisconsin–Madison

Middle School

Middle Schooler with RobotPEOPLE (Pre–College Enrichment Opportunity Program students is a year-round learning adventure that challenges and stimulates students who are considering a college education.

The six-year program for students in the Madison Metropolitan School District begins in the summer after sixth grade.

Each PEOPLE student who qualifies for admission to UW-Madison and completes the Bridge-to-College Program during the summer after high school graduation will be eligible to receive a tuition scholarship for up to five years.

During the school year, UW-Madison faculty, staff and graduate students work on site with PEOPLE students providing academic skills development and tutorial services.

Core subject areas are: reading, writing, mathematics, English, science, social studies and foreign languages.

Students also participate in campus orientations and cultural enrichment activities such as attending performances at the Wisconsin Theatre.

Three middle schoolers with model airplanesSummers 1 and 2

A three-week morning program during which students explore a subject area in depth through hands-onworkshops.

Summer 3

A five-week, full-day program focused on the transition from middle to high school that includes career-oriented workshops, social adjustment issues, study skills, and a head start on ninth-grade math and science classes.

Two middle schoolers looking at a vileUpon completion of the middle school component of PEOPLE, following the eighth grade, students will have;

  • Acquired the requisite academic skills (math, science, social studies, foreign language, and reading) needed to take college preparatory courses in high school
  • Been introduced to an array of potential college majors and career options
  • Expanded their awareness of post-secondary educational opportunities
  • Enhanced their level of comfort in a university setting

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