University of Wisconsin–Madison

Summer Workshops



I’m lovin’ it. Just do it. M’m! M’m! Good! If you recognize the products associated with these slogans, you know the power of advertising. Learn how to create a memorable ad and find out if you have what it takes to be a top-notch creative director.


Discover the world of architecture by designing your own buildings. Work with computer–aided design programs used by architects, and bring your blueprints to life by creating scale models of your own designs.

Aviation, Rocketry and Space Exploration

Experience a hot-air balloon demonstration; learn about aviation weather and navigation; and take a field trip to the EAA’s AirVenture Museum in Oshkosh. Learn about Newton’s Laws and rocket propulsion by building and launching your own model rockets. Travel to distant planets, stars, and galaxies by exploring actual images taken by NASA.

Broadcast Journalism

What does it take to get a job in television news? This fun, interactive workshop will give you a taste with live interviews on real news stories, a field trip to watch an actual newscast, TV personality visits, the chance to operate a camera, and production of your own newscast complete with sports and weather.

Computer Animation

Use cutting–edge multimedia and Web animation technology to create interactive animations for Web posting. Learn about image creation, manipulation, animation, sound implementation, and elements of interactivity used in movies, videos and on MTV.

Crime Scene Investigation

Are you a big fan of the TV series, “CSI”? The ability to recognize and properly collect physical evidence is often critical to both solving and taking legal action against violent crimes. Learn to think like a crime scene investigator as you study forensic science and microbiology. Team up to solve your own exciting mystery.

Exploring the Nanoworld

Science is catching up with science fiction. Nanotechnology is making amazing new advances in medicine and computers with new materials and devices smaller than the eye can see. Be the first to know how scientists work on such a tiny scale.

Fashion Design

You’ve got style! Why not show it off by learning to design your own fabulous clothes and experimenting with cutting-edge materials. You will sew a simple garment, make hats, accessories and wearable art creations with individualized embellishments.

Fun With Chemistry

Being a chemist is often like being a magician. Through hands–on activities, explore the fascinating world of matter and chemistry. Discover what chemistry is all about, how it is part of our everyday lives, and how much fun it can be.

Hip–Hop and Sound Design

What goes into the creation of a popular music track? Explore the history of hip–hop and its creative role in the arts, examine the words behind the music, and create your own “studio–engineered” CD track.

How Your Body Works

Why do people get headaches? Why do knuckles make that cracking sound? Why do muscles get bigger when you lift weights? What does the human body look like from the inside? Find the answers to these questions and many more in this workshop that takes a close look at the human body.

Inside the Box, Outside the Box

What’s inside your computer? How does your e-mail know where to go? Learn about the inner workings of your PC and the limitless space of the worldwide network. Assemble and disassemble a computer; install an operating system; and build a wired and wireless network from scratch.

Law and Your Life

Laws determine when you start driving, how many years you go to school, how much freedom of speech you have and whether you can vote. Look at the legal issues in current events and learn how to analyze legal situations from different points of view. Be a district attorney, a judge, a defense attorney or a member of the jury in this interactive session.

Limnology Explorers

Water is everywhere, but it is not something to take for granted. Imagine a world without healthy lakes, ponds, and rivers. Learn about the threats to lakes and ponds in Madison; and discover the birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles, and insects that live here.

Molecular Biology

Molecules are the stuff of life. Learn how molecules work, how they are being used in biomedical sciences, biological engineering, criminal investigations, and genomics research. Explore DNA, the code of life. Observe and use new technology to discover the fascinating nanoscale world of science.

Newspaper Publishing

Where do reporters find the news? How do photographers get those amazing pictures? Who writes the headlines? Get an inside look when you join a team assembling a student newspaper. Take photos; create comics, advertisements and graphics; write feature articles, horoscopes, movie and music reviews.


Learn about basic electronics, prototype design, and dissecting electronic devices. Work with professional engineers and educators to create your own robot and other electronic devices.
Science Fiction Videos

Learn the basics of video production and editing.Put them to use by creating special effects such as making a small toy robot appear Godzilla–sized. Create a fantasy world where a princess warrior battles monsters from outer space. Add a light saber battle or special effects and animation. Develop stories, write scripts, shoot footage, and create soundtracks. Girls are encouraged to apply.

See Through an Engineer’s Eyes

You can’t fly a plane, drive a car, cook a meal, watch TV, play computer games, build a house, ride a bike, listen to a CD or mail a letter without the help of engineering. During this hands–on, problem–solving workshop, discover the world of engineering and how it touches our everyday lives.

Speakerboxxx: Into the Spoken Word

Do you have something to say? Is something on your mind? Tired of social injustice? Want to express your love? If you are not afraid to speak out, become a human speakerboxxx. Voice your anger. Shout your joy. The spoken word is power, freedom — TRUTH.

Theater and Its Creative Power

Do you really know how much talent and creativity you have? This workshop will let you discover your creative power and put it into practice. Learn acting techniques through improvisation, creativity, Image Theater, storytelling and dance. The session will end in a final performance of student creations.

Veterinary Expedition

What is it like to be an animal doctor? How can a veterinarian tell when an animal is sick? Get hands–on experience working with veterinarians and learning how they treat sick animals. Observe and apply laboratory methods to discover new treatments for diseases of both animals and humans.

Web Graphics and Animation

Anyone interested in cutting–edge technology will have fun in this workshop that combines Web and multimedia design. Using HTML and computer graphics software, learn and apply the principles of good Web design to create personal Web pages complete with original multimedia creations.

Four cihldren in a cockpit
A simulator cockpit at the EAA
AirVenture Museum in Oshkosh
gives students a feel for flying in the
“Aviation and Space Exploration” workshop.
Child touching silver ball and their hair is going everywhere
Students are sometimes shocked by
how much fun science can be.
Two people dissecting frogs
In the rising 9th grade transition
science program, Pablo Bernal (left)
and David Muhammad (right) discuss
the finer points of dissecting a frog.
Four children waiting to learn about dry ice
There’s a science to making that
famous Babcock Dairy ice cream when
students “See the World Through an
Engineer’s Eyes.”
Two girls looking at a computer
Girls learn it’s cool to be a computer
geek when they master web animation
design and multimedia technology.
Two children doing an expirement
A campus chemistry lab sparks
excitement in future careers. Safety
goggles let students “See the World
Through an Engineer’s Eyes.”
Two girls pose for a picture in front of newspapers
Budding newspaper columnists learn
there is an art to being nosy when they
get the scoop and publish the
“Diversity Times.”
Three children working on a model rocket
Bascom Hill has been the site of many
exciting moments in UW history,
including home-made rocket launches
during “Aviation, Rocketry and Space
Five children canoeing
Limnology students explore local waterways.
Three children performing an Aztec dance
Fine arts workshops strengthen
multicultural understanding through
music, dance, storytelling and
People doing yoga
Yoga class takes place on one of the
many green spaces woven throughout
Madison’s beautiful campus