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PEOPLE Summer University 2020 is Virtual!

In spite of the COVID-19 pandemic, PEOPLE’s college and precollege units continue delivering services to students virtually, including our program’s summer sessions known as PEOPLE Summer University.  PEOPLE has four traditional summer universities, and for this summer, we will add a fifth for incoming College Scholars. Your Precollege or College Advisor will contact you with details about your Summer University.

Our PEOPLE Summer University programming will take place throughout June, July, and August:

  • PEOPLE Summer University I – Rising 9th Graders – August 2020
  • PEOPLE Summer University II – Rising 10th Graders  – July 2020
  • PEOPLE Summer University III – Rising 11th Graders –  July 2020
  • College & Career Kick-start – Rising 12th Graders – July 2020
  • PEOPLE Summer University: College Edition – Incoming PEOPLE Scholars – June through August 2020

Stay home and stay safe!
PEOPLE is coming to a screen near you!

Partners in College Access and Success

The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Precollege Enrichment Opportunity Program for Learning Excellence, also known as PEOPLE, started in 1999 with 66 high school students from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. PEOPLE has grown to over 1300 students in the pipeline ranging from 8th graders to college seniors. Our program has two separate units — one for precollege high school students and one for college scholars.  Together, our vision is to be the premier college access program for student success. PEOPLE is the UW’s most successful venture in creating such opportunities and improving campus diversity.