The 2020 PEOPLE Application is Now Closed!

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The 2020 Admissions Cycle for PEOPLE has concluded.  The 2021 application is scheduled to open late January 2021.

If you received a waitlist letter for our Precollege Program, you can expect to hear from us in late September.

Congratulations to the new PEOPLE Precollege and College Scholars!

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Admissions Data Infographic 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are my options for applying to PEOPLE?
A: Our 2020 Recruitment has ended for the year.  Our admissions process for this cohort will be complete by May 2020. If you are currently in 7th grade in Madison or Milwaukee, check out this page in January 2021 to apply to our next cohort!

Q: How do I know you received my application? Can you confirm receipt?
A: Send us an email with the following information and we will reply within 1 business days to advise on if we received your application and if it’s complete. Please make sure the email contains the students first name, last name, school district (MMSD or MPS), and preferred email address for the response.  You can contact PEOPLE Admissions at

Q: What are “middle school transcripts”?
A: Middle school transcripts are your middle school report cards for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.

Q: If you find that my application is not complete. Can I send the missing materials now?
A: No, we will not accept late materials.

Q: What if I sent materials on-time, but for some reason you don’t have it. If I provide proof of sending, such as an email or fax confirmation, will my students application be considered?
A: Yes, we will consider those materials.

Q: When will I hear back about my application?
A: Our goal is to complete our admission process by May 2020.

Q: Are there other steps to this process?
A: Yes, some students will be selected for an interview.  Interview invitations are sent before May 2020.

Q:  I didn’t receive an e-mail for an interview.  Should I assume that I didn’t get into the program?
A:  When we emailed some applicants, the email was returned to us because of an invalid email address.  Some applicants did not list an email.  Those applicants will be contacted in April 2020.  Final admissions decisions will not be made until May 2020.  All applicants will be informed of their status on or after that date.  Some candidates may be placed on a waitlist.

Q:  Are there other precollege programs I can apply to?
A:  Yes!  UW System hosts many precollege programs.  The Boys and Girls Club can also help you find other precollege opportunities.

Recruitment Presentations

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