UW PEOPLE Program Absolutely Worth It

Madison 365: UW PEOPLE Program Absolutely Worth It


By Miles Brown


So the next time you hear someone talk about how Milwaukee Public  School (MPS) students are all bad and don’t value education, tell them  about Emily, a 9th grade PEOPLE applicant from Bay View who is taking  all honors and 10th grade classes and still was able to get a 3.9 GPA  last semester. Tell them about Yvonne, another student and a gifted  writer who applied to PEOPLE and needed to get an excuse from her  teacher to come to me and finish her essay. Tell them about Raijanique,  who wrote this at the end of her personal statement: 
“I almost missed this opportunity. It was going to be upsetting. I  came back to school to finish. I couldn’t miss this for nothing in the  world. It’s too important to me.”